Time to Rethink Your Way of Eating

Portion control.....you either have it or you don't.  It isn't an issue of eating too much junk food or drinking soda, your portions can be way out of control even when you are eating healthy.

With my health issues finally staring to come under control through a lot of supplements, following stringently the Autoimmune Protocol and working on my stress level, but not understanding why I wasn't losing more weight than what I should be.

So I went back to my doctor for more tests (an update on that later though).  I also started to really look at what I was consuming as far as food.  And even though I was eating really clean, organic foods that were allowed on the AIP, I realized that even though some starches are allowed on AIP, I was eating way too much of them - like at least 3 a day!  Could this be one of the reasons that I wasn't losing weight?  It could possibly be.  

That is when I noticed a lot of people having great success doing the 21 Day Fix, which focuses on portion control, along with making sure you get the right nutrients, right amount of calories, and even comes with an awesome workout program.  I'm excited to start this program, which I plan on doing come June 2nd.  I will continue following the AIP so I will be researching modifications for some of the foods that are allowed on the Fix, but know that this is going to help me with overcoming my "starchy food" addiction.  Even though the program is only 21 days long, I know the benefits of those 21 days will become a habit to last a lifetime.

I'll be setting up a private test group (I'm calling it a test group since it will be a "test" to see how portion control helps everyone) so that people can help motivate each other.  If you are curious about the program and want to join me, just click on the "Join My Test Group" below.

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