My New Favorite Cookbook {Review}

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Recipe books. I have many of them, all ranging from the classic red and white checkered one we all grew up with, to ones with recipes to help with autoimmune issues, keto, low carb, no sugar, the list goes on and on.  My current favorite cookbook, Recipes From Around the World, is one that I'm not only loving the recipes out of and incorporating them into our geography homeschool lessons, but one that is also for a great cause.

Recipes From Around the World is a cookbook that has been published by Operation Blessing.  Operation Blessing is a great organization that I just recently found out about that offers services such as medical assistance, clean water, food and disaster relief, all over the world and the United States.  Most recently, Operation Blessing has been providing disaster relief to Nashville and the surrounding areas recover from the tragic tornadoes.  You can read more about Operation Blessing on there website here.

To help fund Operation Rescue's efforts, they have created a cookbook, Recipes From Around the World, which contain 34 recipes ranging from breakfast, main dishes, beverages and more, from 15 countries such as Indonesia China, Peru, Israel and many more.

Now you would probably expect to have to pay a lot for this tip of cookbook. I mean, let's face it, cookbooks can be crazy expensive.  But what is really great about Recipes From Around the World is that you can purchase it only by making a donation of any amount to Operation Blessing.  To find out more about donating to Operation Blessing and receiving your own copy Recipes From Around the World, please visit their webpage here.

To help get the word out about Operation Blessing, what they do, their awesome cookbook, or if you are hesitant about donating or even if you just want to sample some of the recipes they offer in the cookbook, you can sign up for 4 recipe cards for free by just providing them with an email to send the recipe cards to you.  You can check those out here!

I know you will love the recipes as much as my family and I have.

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