Day 2 on the AI Protocol - A.K.A. My Mini-Revelation

So here is my supper.  (I decided to post a picture of this meal because, well, breakfast and lunch were not picture worthy in my book - a handful of mixed greens and a cup of chicken with olive oil is not that pretty at all.)  Supper is free range chicken "stir fry" with mixed greens and coconut oil with a small serving of green beans (green beans are technically not a bean so they are ok on this protocol).

I've come to realize now, more than ever, that meal prep is the ONLY way to go for any type of meal plan - and not just the AIP.  That will be my goal this weekend - to have all my meals prepped and ready to go.  While Sunday is typically my designated meal prep day, and while I did have chicken in the crock pot, which I swear I need more than one crock pot since meats in a crock pot tend to turn out more juicier than in the oven and your kitchen doesn't go from a nice 75 degrees to about 100 all within an hour - it is not fun to cook when you feel like you are cooking yourself.

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Whats for Lunch? Day 1 on the AI Protocol

For those that have been reading my blog, I am venturing on starting the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) way of eating for the next 30 days then to progress to the Digestive Health Protocol (both of the these, and many more plans, are in the book Practical Paleo).  With the AIP you are not to have grains, dairy, legumes, FODMAPS, and nightshades.  My hope is that during these next 30 days in AIP I will be able to begin healing my gut, reducing inflammation that is running rampit and begin to listen to my body telling me what foods cause me to have flare ups - whether they be digestive or otherwise.

My lunch today is and will be like many days to come (for the most part)

Mixed Greens
Olive oil for dressing

Nothing special but very nutritious and high in good fats and protein.

What are you having for lunch today?

Until next time.....

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8 Weeks to Health Class

To join my FREE 8 Weeks to Health Class, please fill out the below application and I will contact you within the next 36 hours.

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Your Gut is What?????

In my last post, I talked about my diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and leaky gut.  Apparently, and unknown to me prior to last year, alot of people have some form of leaky gut and don't know about it until they start to have symptoms, which include bloating, gas, constipation, diarrehea and even food intolerances. 

But what is Leaky Gut?

The simpliest way that I can explain it is that your lining of your digestive tract is kind of like - well, remember as a kid playing Red Rover and you would lock hands with the persons beside you while the other side would send someone running over to try to break through your line.  Well, imagine the lining of your digestive track is the line of kids holding hands real tight.  The kid being sent over to try to break that line could be nutrients or bacteria.  If you gut is in good condition, and that kid represents good stuff (vitamins/minerals) then no problem - the line will allow that kid to go through, while if the kids representats bad stuff (bacteria, toxins, even food you have an intolerance/allergy to), that kid isn't going to be able to break through. 

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