Whats for Lunch? Day 1 on the AI Protocol

For those that have been reading my blog, I am venturing on starting the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) way of eating for the next 30 days then to progress to the Digestive Health Protocol (both of the these, and many more plans, are in the book Practical Paleo).  With the AIP you are not to have grains, dairy, legumes, FODMAPS, and nightshades.  My hope is that during these next 30 days in AIP I will be able to begin healing my gut, reducing inflammation that is running rampit and begin to listen to my body telling me what foods cause me to have flare ups - whether they be digestive or otherwise.

My lunch today is and will be like many days to come (for the most part)

Mixed Greens
Olive oil for dressing

Nothing special but very nutritious and high in good fats and protein.

What are you having for lunch today?

Until next time.....


  1. I made home made white corn tortillas and black beans :)

  2. I ended up munching on some jerky, cheese, and Shakeology! :P But your lunch looks delicious! I can't wait to see what else you end up having on your protocol!

  3. I am having scrambled farm-fresh eggs with home grown sauteed zucchini and a few ounces of mozzarella cheese. I am excited to see what this way of eating does for you!!!

  4. Good luck! I should take a look at that!!

  5. Yum! that looks good! I am having a grilled chicken salad :)

  6. I had a Vanilla Shakeology, almonds and grapes. : ) What is nightshades? I have had a lot of issues with GI and found that if I don't eat yogurt with live cultures daily (for probiotics) my system is in defense mode. I would assume you could take a supplement or eat foods that are fermented like kimchee. I look forward to your progress over the next 30 days and wish you lots of luck!

    1. Thanks Crystal. Nightshades are veggies like tomatoes, eggplants, etc.

  7. I will have to look into this :) Good luck!


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