Should You Lift Weights?

In the quest to lose weight, most women tend to turn to cardio as their only exercise in order to lose weight.  While cardio should be part of any woman’s exercise routine, lifting weights should ALSO be part of that routine.

Now, first off, let me just say that you will NOT have muscles like the Incredible Hulk – well, not unless you are taking supplements that are illegal (a.k.a. steroids) – so get rid of your fear of the iron.

So why should you lift weights. 

Reason 1:  You will lose up to 40% more fat and calories.

Lifting weights, when paired with a good nutrition program, can actually burn more fat and calories than doing just cardio alone.  Lifting weights increases your metabolism, thus increasing your caloric expenditure. 

Reason 2: Your clothes will fit better. 

Studies show that one pound of fat takes up more than 18% more space than one pound of muscle.  More muscle = less space = you don’t have to suck it in to button your jeans.

Reason 3:  Enables you to handle stress better.

Just like cardio, lifting weights is a great way to burn off any unwanted stress in life.  Studies have also been shown that the more muscle you have, the faster your blood pressure returns to a normal state than those with less muscle.  

Reason 4:  You will be happier.

See Reasons 2 and 3.  I don't know about you, but if my clothes are fitting better and my stress level is low, then I'm a happier person.   

Reason 5: Lifting weights is good for bone mass. 

By doing any type of weight barring exercises, such as squats and lunges, you are signaling your body to increase bone mass formation thus strengthening your bones which can actually help combat osteoporosis.

So to answer the question: Should you lift weights?  The answer is YES!  

If you have no clue where to even start then maybe it's time to get support in helping you chose a program and fitness routine to meet your needs and get you the body you want.  I encourage you to check out my site and the many fitness programs that Beachbody has to offer or even contact me directly by leaving a comment below.

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