Paleo While On The 21 Day Fix

So you have decided to go Paleo - great  !  But you also want to do the 21 Day Fix - sure, no problem. However, you are concerned when it comes to some of the foods allowed while doing the fix, which consist of grains and dairy products.  The good news is you can still eat Paleo while doing the 21 Day Fix.   

Paleo 21 Day Fix Meal Plan Changes

While going Paleo on the 21 Day Fix, the main change you will make is regarding carbs.  Normally, you would eat carbs (yellow container) such as rice, quinoa and other grains.  However, since those are a no-no while eating Paleo, you will have sweet potato once per day and unsweetened almond milk in your Shakeology once per day. 

In addition to the reduction of carbs via grains while on the Paleo 21 Day Fix, you will need to increase the amount of healthy fats.  Therefore, you will note the addition of nut butters (almond butter, etc.), which are seeds and are considered a good fat, will go in the blue (healthy fats) container.  

Paleo and Shakeology

Now I know that Shakeology is not considered Paleo, however, due to Shakeology's  superfoods from exotic fruits and veggies, phytonutrients, amino acids, protein that is in a highly digestible form, not to mention prebiotics and probiotics, it makes consuming Shakeology on a daily basis a win-win situation.  Another added benefit of Shakeology is that it can be used as one of your meals that you literally do not have to cook or even plan out such as your other meals, you just mix and shake.  It is just that simple.  Shakeology on the 21 Day Fix is to be used as one of your red (protein) containers.

Paleo 21 Day Fix Recipes

Over the course of the next few weeks, my recipes will focus on those that are specific to the 21 Day Fix - Paleo style.  As always, these recipes and additional meal and snack options are always shared in my private Challenge Groups!
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  1. I'm so excited about this new health journey with fueling my body with healthy foods!!! My first round I'm going to use to just learn the eating style. Round 2 I'm going to do grain free then round 3 I'm wanting to start working it towards paleo.


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