Baltic Amber and Hazel Wood: Natural Methods to Help Teething in Infants

Life with with an newborn is so much fun, except when the teething begins.  My three month old is starting to teeth, and with that comes not only drooling, but so does the fussing and increased reflux (although I am not sure if this is related to teething or not).  During these times, for all of my children, I have used natural remedies to help with the pain such as teething gel or teething tablets. Recently, the talk of the town seems to be Baltic Amber necklaces to help with teething pain.

Baltic Amber

Recently, the talk of the town seems to be Baltic Amber necklaces.  The theory behind using Baltic Amber is the succinic acid that is naturally found in amber is adsorbed into the skin (only a very small amount - nothing that is toxic at all).  The succinic acid helps to restore oxygen and energy to the cells of the body, thus helping the body to deal with pain and inflammation.

According to some websites that sell Baltic Amber, it is used not only for teething discomfort, but also used for other aches and pain, such as PMS and migraines, helps to restore energy, and even helps with chronic inflammation (something I plan on trying due to Hashimoto's).

The key to Baltic Amber is to where the amber closest to the source of the problem.  So if you are having teething or any head pain (headache/migraine), you can wear it as a necklace.  If you have have pain on the body such as knee pain, you can wear it above the knee.  The key is to get it closest to the source of the pain.


Photo courtesy of Inspired by Finn

Hazel Wood

While researching natural ways to help with teething pain, I heard about using hazel wood to help with reflux issues (which my baby has and is on medication for).  Hazel wood (specifically beaked hazel wood) is said to help with gastro issues such as reflux, ulcers, and heartburn (which I wish I would have known this as I had horrible heartburn during pregnancy).  It is also said to help with skin issues such as eczema and even constipation.

Photo courtesy of Healing Hazel

So Now What?

After doing my research, I set out to find where to buy them.  Some of the research I did was on the website Inspired by Finn  and Healing Hazel and I was lucky enough to find a local retailer that sold the Inspired by Finn line so that I could try on the different sizes of necklaces and ask more questions. After trying on a few sizes, we found a fit that was a perfect fit.  

According to the instructions and the research I have done, you are to wear the necklaces as close to the skin as possible for 24 hours a day and only take them off when taking a shower or swimming as water can cause the necklace to wear faster than normal and soap residue can hinder the effects of the amber and hazel wood.  When using the necklaces for infants or small children, you can take them off and wear them as anklets during the night (which is what I plan on doing with my child).

But Does It Work?

I plan on giving the necklaces at full month before deciding if they work or not.  If they work, I plan on ordering one for my daughters (one has anxiety issues and the other has eczema issues) as well as one for me to help with my Hashimoto's.  Now I am not saying that amber and hazel wood is the cure for everything and will make you be pain free, but if they help my little one with teething pain even a little bit, then that is good enough for me.

Have you used either Baltic Amber and/or Hazel Wood necklaces to help with your little one's teething pain or reflux?

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  1. This is one the many things I wish I would've known about with my kids!


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