Beachbody Coach Sneak Peak: What Does a Coach Do?

If I was an outsider looking in at my life, I would be SOO confused! What does she DO all day (besides post health and nutrition information)?! If you are scratching your head...wondering how I can stay home all day, be there for my kids, and build a business then you are invited!

The whole concept of being a Beachbody coach can seem so abstract and SCAM-Y.

I should know, I am one of the BIGGEST skeptics. I never buy anything or go anywhere until I read reviews and research and then read and research even more. I've been lead astray into buying crap products before way too many times.   The feeling of being scammed or even lead astray is
 one of the WORST feelings. So with that being said, I would like to "Pull the curtain back" and give you a glimpse into what I do and invite you to my 5 Day Coach Sneak Peak so you can decide if it's a good fit for YOU!

No commitment is necessary.  This is simply a chance for you to see if this is a good fit for you.

What You Can Expect

I, along with my friend and mentor, will simply share our story, and how we have helped others become happier and healthier. 

I'll cover some of the common questions about what a coach is and does,  

We will share our team values and how we are one big family with one goal in common - to end the obesity epidemic.

This is NOT going to be one of those weird "Business Opportunities."  There is no pressure to sign up. This is simply an opportunity to learn more and decide if it might be right for YOU! 

And don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings if it's not for you or the timing just isn't right.

THAT'S IT! 5 Days sharing the way we feel about this awesome opportunity and our desire to help others.

If you want to be a FLY on the wall in this group and you do not already have a coach, send me a message to RSVP.

Request to join (Group Runs August 17-21)

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