Virtual Open House

Team Fusion is having our 2nd, 3 Day Beachbody Coach Virtual Open House!

Does this mean you can come to my house? Um, no, not that kind of Open House.

It’s a virtual Open House, meaning it’s online via Facebook. For 3 Days you can join Team Fusion’s Facebook group and get an inside look at what we Beachbody Coaches do.

This is a free and fun invite to take a look into the life of a Beachbody Coach via our Facebook team group.


Guest spots are limited to only you and one other person. So grab a friend and check out all the action!

Get a raw inside look, such as Coach teamwork/support, recognition, financial achievements, and even sneak peaks to upcoming Beachbody product releases and information.

No obligations or expectations, feel free to browse around, observe, and of course participate by asking any of our Team Fusion Coaches about anything Beachbody related!

Comment below for more information and to be added to the group.

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