Health and Fitness Coaching Opportunity!

2013 was an amazing year and 2014 is proving to be even a better year for the growth of Team Beachbody and Team Fusion.  We have developed so many successful coaches and successful new coach training programs plus push groups and mentoring programs to help any and all individuals succeed at coaching!

As a team we are committed to helping other people reach their health and fitness goals. We continually improve our challenge groups and our support systems.

Now we are looking for others who would like to link arms and join the Dream Team as a coach to help more people reach their health and fitness goals.


If the thought has ever crossed your mind then I am inviting you to participate in our Team Coach information call. You can listen to exactly what Beachbody Coaching is like on the team. What type of support you will receive and how you can be successful.

If you are interested please add me on face book and message me for details at or email me at

The call will be held tonight at 8:00 pm EST.  

*Call is for only those that are not yet coaches. Please let me know and I can forward you the details!!!

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