Are you Stressed Out?

Are You....

Always stressed.
Always worrying.
Always tired.
Always in a brain fog and forgetting things.
Always frustrated when you do everything right, but that stupid scale just doesn't move.

Does that sound like you?  I can totally understand.  So am I.

If you read my post from way back when about my struggle with thyroid and digestive issues (here and here), I spent the past few months focusing on getting rid of parasites, healing my gut, taking supplement after supplement to help my mineral and vitamin deficiencies and going on the Autoimmune Protocol only to lose about 10 pounds.

Just when things were going well....

I was hit with Influenza (well, actually my entire family was).  Who would have known that instead of losing more weight, it caused me to actually gain those 10 pounds back!

In an effort to get my T3 and T4 levels where they should be, my ND put me on Armour.  For those that do not know what Armour is, it is porcine (pig) thyroid that contains both the T3 and T4 hormone. (For more info on Armour check out their site here:

I also had my adrenals tested using the saliva testing method.  See, when you are stressed, a worrier, even push yourself too much anything can set off adrenal fatigue.  It seems that the symptoms of having Hashimoto's (or even hypothyroid) are similar to those of having adrenal fatigue - especially the inability to lose fat in the abdominal area (something that I am very insecure about).

In the meantime, I've been reading a lot of books on adrenal fatigue.  So far Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, by James Wilson is the best one that I have read.

I received my test results and have a consult with my ND this week.

Now, I'm not saying that the reason I can't lose weight is because of this or that, and yes, I workout and eat the right amount of foods daily (I'm 2 weeks in on the 21 Day Fix currently) and yes, I have lost 2 pounds and about 4 inches total, this is just one more piece of the puzzle to help me feel like me again.

If you have every had (or knows someone that has) adrenal fatigue, I'd love to hear more about your/their story.

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