I'm doing the Whole 30 - Day 1

Day 1 of the Whole30 Program is done and only 29 more to go.  Yes, I am counting down the days not only so that I can have a healthier me, but because it will mean that I made it through Thanksgiving, post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas time.  Not only that, but I will have rid my intense sugar and bad carb cravings.

My nutrition has not been up to par to speak lately.  In fact, it is horrendous.  I was eating clean for so long that all it took was one extra stressful day to totally ruin it - I'm not talking just eating extra fruit or an extra coffee with milk - no, worse - M&Ms were my downfall. My J.O.B. keeps a candy dish by the front door and 99.9% of the time, it is full of M&Ms.  After that particular stressful day, that bowl of M&Ms became my best friend.

I finally realized that while I was still eating clean, I was craving the sugar from the M&Ms.  And worse that than, I didn't even realize that I was eating the M&Ms.  I would just go to the candy dish and grab a handful of M&Ms and eat them without even being hungry or realizing that I was eating it.  You could say that I was addicted to them. 

I read It Starts with Food in about 3 days and found the challenge that I wanted to do.  So I made the decision - it is time to change and change for good. 

Sunday was prep day, which went relatively well.  Prep is so vital and necessary to succeed in completing the Whole30.

Monday meals were relatively plain but my goal is to try at least 3 new approved Whole30 meals (which there are a ton on Pinterest and other websites).  I believe that this will help to keep me interested in eating good for you food and not stray from my plans.

Breakfast was ground turkey, sauteed spinach, and a glass of bone broth.
Lunch (see picture - I know, bad picture and not the best plate or bowl - but this is all work offers).
Super was roasted chicken, sauteed spinach, and avocado.

My lifesaver throughout the day was tea.  I have the worst headache due to lack of sugar and bad carbs.  I have switched my coffee addiction to tea - ginger tea, chai rooibos and cinnamon rooibos.  The onset of the headache, even though according to Whole30 you are supposed to have during days 2-5 due to detoxing, shows me that my sugar problem was bigger than I suspected. 

Curious about the Whole30 Program?  Do you know someone who has done the Whole30? Or have you done it yourself?  I would love to know.

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  1. I made the switch from coffee to tea about 2 weeks ago. I am amazed; never thought I could pull it off! But, I am free from the junk I used to put in my coffee!!! Where can I look at details on Whole30?

    1. You can go to www.whole9life.com or you can find more info in the book It Starts With Food - which I highly recommend.

  2. That's terrible that there was a full bowl of M&Ms at your work! How could anyone resist that?! I've never heard of this program but I'm looking forward to reading about your experience with it.


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