Death of the Scoby - Kombucha Update

I am sad to say that my first attempt at brewing my own Kombucha failed - and not just a small fail - but EPIC FAIL.

I thought that things were going ok, and even though my Scoby didn't float the top of my container like they show in pictures, I thought that I would give it the benefit of the doubt and just "forget" about the container sitting on my countertop in the corner.

This is what a "normal" looking brew of Kombucha should look like. Mine, sadly, was alot more - umm, shall we say, gross looking.

I started to question the formation of little bubbles on the top of my tea even though the Scoby did not rise to the top like it should have.  So I thought that I would give it a few more days because bubbles are a good sign that fermentation is happening.

Well, let's just say that those weren't bubbles - they were mold, which is NEVER a good sign for anything.  So the tea and "dead" Scoby went into the garbage.  :(

I actually am waiting on another Scoby to arrive in the mail any day from a respectable Scoby distributor that sells nothing but organic Scobies. 

Now, while I was researching how to make Kombocha and what the process of fermenting should look like, I also came across fermenting vegetables.  Fermenting vegetables (such as sauerkraut and pickles) are very good for you, as they contain vitamins and probiotics.  Making my own fermented vegetables will be my next experiment (although I'm not sure my husband will want to try any).

Until next time......


  1. I am unclear as to what a Scoby is, but poor Scoby!! Lol better luck thenext time around!

  2. Yikes! Good luck on your next batch. I'm sorry this one didn't work out. :(

    When I first started making my own gluten free breads and items, I failed more often than not. One time, it was bad enough to send my dog whining from the kitchen. That's pretty sad... :-)

  3. Well, you can't win them all! Hopefully next time it will work better!

  4. Hehe, better luck next time, sweet girl!


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