My Whole30 Experience - Days 2 and 3

So far things have been going ok.  The headaches are still present, but I think alot of that is because I may be coming down with some kind of sinus thing - which isn't abnormal for me in the winter given, especially when the air is so dry (time to get the humidifiers out).  I also wonder if my consumption of tea has decreased my water intake - which could be the case since tea helps to keep me warm during the day alot better than cold water does.

Energy wise - well, I wasn't expecting any change this first week, but at least at this point I haven't experienced a huge drop in energy either.  My hope is that by the end of my Whole30 I will have an increase in energy, but I am optimistic since my thyroid condition is still trying to level out, as well as other health issues are still present (which my hope that this will help to get that under somewhat control as well).

My meals - well, let's just say that I SOOO need to venture in trying new meals or I can tell that this experiment will not make it to Day 30. 

As you can see Day 2 meals were not very exciting, and trust me, my supper meal, was the same as my lunch meal.  Yep - BORING.

As you can see, Day 3 meals were better than Day 2.  I have actually found a few new recipes that I want to try out over the weekend so that will be the highlight of my weekend.  Hopefully they will turn out right. 

Since the upcoming week is Thanksgiving, I am also on a mission to find some Whole30 compliant meals that are Thanksgiving related.  I know that my sugar habit is going to be hard not to want to have a small bite of gluten free pumpkin pie, but by the time Thanksgiving rolls around I will be almost half way through my 30 days and I refuse to let that one bite ruin everything. 

My question to those that are reading this, what do you do to help keep your eating habits under control so you don't waste your hard work during the holidays?

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  1. I have to be very careful what I eat so that my Crohn's does not punish me for it. Temptation comes and goes, but I am pretty strict.

  2. I am the same way. I have to be careful what foods - especially veggies - that I add in and make sure they are well cooked (nothing raw) so that it is easier to digest.

  3. I need to be more diligent! you're doing a great job! Your day 2 lunch actually looks delicious! :) I love sweet potato. I have never heard of bone broth though. I'm not sure I could consume anything like that!!!

  4. Your headaches may be from your body cleansing itself. This is called die off reaction. It happens when you cut carbs and start eating healthy. It may going on for a few more days and you may get queasy too. Make sure your taking in plenty of water and good luck!


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