Why I Love The JESUS Film (And You Should Too!) {Review and Giveaway}

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The life of Jesus is one of the most fascinating stories that has been told and re-told many, many times, both in print and in movies.  I know have lost track of the number of different movies that I have seen (or heard about) detailing Jesus' life.

With Christmas fast approaching, one of my favorite things I love to do is to cook and bake, which often means that I would have my laptop shoved into the corner of my countertop so I can watch a DVD while making a mess of my kitchen.  This often leads to my computer getting some type of food on it and results in me panicking and turning off the movie.

However, now with the ability to stream movies, I can use my phone to watch movies (which is less dangerous for my computer and also means more countertop space to make a mess on).  One movie, which I was given the opportunity to watch recently, The JESUS Film, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite movies ever, was just made available via streaming this year.

Now if you haven't seen The JESUS Film, I highly recommend it.  Even though it was made in 1979, it is one of those movies that you want to watch every holiday season.    The JESUS Film, having been translated into more than, 1,197 languages and seen more than 200 million time, but the the history of the making of the film itself was remarkable. The film follows the Gospel of Luke and had direct quotes from every word spoken by Jesus in the film.

But what I find very fascinating is that according to The JESUS Film's website, there were over 450 leaders and scholars that reviewed the film's manuscript for historical and biblical accuracy.  There are not many films that I know that follows The Bible in detail as The JESUS Film, but what really impresses me is the amount of research and authentication of the manuscript by that many people to make sure every detail is accurate, down to the props, clothing and culture portrayed in the film is true to that time period.

The JESUS Film is one of the most watched movies based upon Jesus' life and in celebration of its 35th anniversary, it has been re-mastered and the DVD has eight different languages available and bonus material that includes the making of the movie.

As a special gift from Christian Cinema, I have been given the opportunity to giveaway 2 free streaming codes for The JESUS Film so that you too can enjoy this great movie.  For more information on the giveaway, you can find out more here.

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