101 Easy Homemade Products for the Skin, Health & Home {Review & Giveaway}

Let's face it, going natural in every part of your life isn't easy.  In fact, it is hard.  We have become accustom to just going to the store and buying whatever we need and not think twice about where it came from or how it was made.  Moreover, we don't even give it a second thought about what all those chemicals and wonderful scents like Ocean Breeze or Pumpkin Pie have in them that give them that nostalgic smell and the lovely, colorful packaging.

But I want you to stop for a minute and think: What is in the Ocean Breeze candle that gives it that "ocean" smell?  What is in that spray bottle that actually kills bacteria off your kitchen counter?  What is in the bottle of lotion that you put slather on your hands and body daily? Or how about the detergent cleaning your clothes?  Read the back of the package of any of these items and tell me if you can read any of those ingredients without having a degree in chemistry or some other scientific education.   Go ahead, I will wait for you to come back....

All those chemicals that you wash your clothes with, put on  your skin and clean your house with are harmful to the human body and, in fact, most are known to cause diseases such as cancer.  Now I don't know about you, but I am watchful what I put into my body, so I'm not going to go and put harmful chemicals on my body either.

So now you are probably asking the questions - What do I wash my clothes with?  What do I use for soap?  What can I use to clean the house?  Well, you can either buy expensive natural cleaners, soaps and detergents or make them yourself.

Where to Look for "Recipes"

When I set out to find "recipes" for making these products myself, of course I turned Pinterest and find hundreds of homemade "recipes" for everything from soap to lip balm to cleaning products for every room in the house.  But honestly, it was overwhelming and I soon had printed out a lot of recipes that, well, quite frankly, ended up being forgot about or thrown into the recycle bin.

Well, you could imagine when I was asked to review 101 Easy Homemade Products For Your Skin, Health & Home, by Jan Berry.  I mean, this book has every, and I mean EVERY recipe you could imagine for everything you could possibly want to make and then some.

Orange Pine Floor Cleaner

I have tried a few recipes so far and I must say, the Orange Pine Floor Cleaner smells so good.  And I actually had the ingredients at home to make this - yep, nothing fancy needed at all, just three ingredients is all it took to make this.  Yes, it is just that simple.

Here is a list of just a few of the other recipes that are available in the book:

Oh, and did I mention that there are even recipes for our furbabies too?!?

I can honestly say that this book will now be my "go to" resource for all homemade cleaners, beauty needs and everything in between.

How to Get Your Own Copy of This Book

You can pre-order (the book will be released March 29, 2016) through through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indie Bound and Amazon UK.

Or you can enter to win one of 7 copies of 101 Easy Homemade Products below.

Giveaway Rules:

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