Week One as a Stay At Home Mom

So it seems that when you wish and pray for something hard and long enough, you actually can get what you wished and prayed for.

You see, my wish was to be a stay at home mom and focus on my online fitness coaching.

The short version of the story is this:  I was laid off of my job that I had for almost 12 years.  Yeah, it happens.  Business was slow.  Cut backs were necessary.   I just happened to be it's next victim.

At that time though, you really don't think of all the times you wished and prayed to be able to leave your job.  Heck, one week later, I still am having a hard time coming to reality of just how things are going to pan out in the months ahead.  So, I pray even harder that God will see us through this. Besides, he answered my prayer to be a stay at home mom, right?

Didn't I Just Wash This Cup????

It's been a little over one week since that dreadful day and quite frankly, it is exhausting.  I mean, I when I worked out of the home, I still cleaned house, made supper, everything a stay at home mom does.  But now, I swear the laundry is multiplying when I'm not watching and don't even get me started on the dishes.  I must wash the same cup 3 times in one day.  What is going on????

How to Keep a Four Year Old Entertained.

So how do you keep a four year old entertained?  I'm still figuring this one out.  We've done crafts, gone to the library, read books, even made cookies.  That was just one day.  Yes, going outside would be an option, but when it is cold, the snow melted the weekend before, and left nothing but mud puddles and ice, that won't be an option until the temperature reaches at least 40 degrees.  

So my question to all of you fellow stay at home moms - what tips and suggestions do you have for keeping it together and keeping a four year old occupied all while keeping your sanity?

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  1. Oh girl! This will probably be my longest comment ever! Where to begin?
    Well, three years ago I was a pre-k 4 teacher and social butterfly. Then, my father-in-law died and we found ourselves moving my 86 yo MIL from her home in Indiana to our home in West Virginia. I had to quit my job to stay home with her because she has Alzheimer's, and that is where life as I knew it change...DRAMATICALLY!

    I went from going a thousand miles a minute to a screeching halt and I had no idea how to cope. I felt like I didn't stop, but nothing got accomplished. I was lost. I think part of it was I was so used to being on such a stringent schedule, that I didn't know how to cope with the "free-time". Does that make sense. It took me about 6 months to get into a good rhythm, but here I am three years later, and my laundry still gets out of hand from time to time. *lol*

    I know you can feel a little overwhelmed by being at home, but it will get easier and better. Just focus on finding your groove.

    As far as entertaining the little one. I will say this as a teacher. Remember, activities are great and those memories are important. But remember, it is also healthy for their social emotional development to learn to play alone and self entertain. You don't ALWAYS have to plan something. Sometimes its as easy as putting a dish pan full of water in their play kitchen an stepping away (not too far away) to let them learn new skills and grow their independence. :)

    What a great post and I look forward to reading more!

  2. Moving from working mom to "stay at home mom" was and is still a hard transition! I think it is such a rewarding job but at the same time can become very repetitive. My 2 year loves to go outside in the heat, in the rain, in the snow! So we spend a good chunk of our day playing outside, discovering nature and needing two bathes a day. Then inside we like to have small session of school, 15 mins. here and there. Pinterest is a lifesaver when it come to activities! Good luck on your journey!

  3. Being at home makes more mess. You cook more. You use more stuff. That's just the norm.

    I do suggest assigning everyone a water bottle in the fridge. That way, you don't have to keep washing that cup.

  4. Make a grid for a week with the days broken down in 20 min slots on a magentic board or dry erase board. Start a secret Pinterest Board and collect kid activities and kid foods and kid crafts. Schedule everything: Snacks, quiet time activity, craft time, physical activity, trips, shopping, rest time, potty time, nap time. Understand you won't get to all of it and you will most likely be moving items around throughout the week. Don't stress when some of the activities don't work. For what it's worth-jeannie

  5. Love your memes, cracking me up! I'm a new SAHM too :-) to answer your question, WINE. Jk but only a little ;) ;) honestly, routine helps a lot! I also let my littles try to help me as much as possible, and we take quiet time for a little bit in the afternoon so that I can have a few minutes to sit down and relax and they can have a few minutes to play independently.


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