Reconnecting with God for a Better Marriage

Marriage is hard.  It is work.  It takes dedication.  It takes sacrifice.  Throw in kids, job, and life in general, and it can really start to take a toll on any marriage.  So what do most women (or at least I do), when they feel that THEY need to do something to make it better - turn to self help books.

It was also at this time that a friend of mine posted on Facebook a book about finding passion in your marriage.  I was intrigued.  I had spent so much time browsing the books on how to better your marriage section on Amazon when this post came along and caught my eye almost immediately. Something was telling me to find out more about this book.  So I did.

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I Googled the title of the book:  Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love Are You Making? by Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery.  (I mean come on,with a book title like that, why wouldn't you want to read what it was about?)

According to the Authentic Intimacy website, Passion Pursuit, is:

This study is about pursuing passion – sexual passion in marriage. Did you know that God has an opinion about sex, about your marriage and about your healing and redemption?

Say WHAT??? God has an opinion on sex????  I must admit, coming from a Southern Baptist family where sex (a.k.a. the "S" word) was something never talked about other than you are supposed to wait until marriage, I totally wanted to know more.  I instantly downloaded the book on my Kindle without a second thought.

Upon reading the first chapter of the book, I found out about an amazing opportunity - to be a part of an online Bible study group that would weekly discuss the Passion Pursuit book.  But this wasn't going to be your ordinary Bible study.  It was geared towards wives who wanted more out of their marriage, who wanted what pretty much all women want in marriage - passion.

The online Bible study was for women only and only a select few would be accepted.  At first I was hesitant. I mean, what would a person like me who hadn't been to church in quite some time, hadn't picked up the Bible in months and wasn't even part of any women's group at church do if chosen for an online Bible study group.  But something was telling me, even compelling me, to fill out the questionnaire, and before I realized, I had submitted my entry to be a part of this select group.

A few weeks later, I received an email telling I was given one of the best opportunities ever - I was selected to be a part of the first ever online Bible study.

During the first Google Hangout meeting, I meet a small group of women who all had similar stories  - they all wanted a more passionate, closer and loving relationship with their husband.  It was amazing!  Finally, I was able to talk to others who understood how things outside of your relationship with your husband can pull apart a relationship.

The 10 week study was an eye opening experience.  Each chapter of the book was studied each week.  Each chapter revealed what God wanted for marriage and your relationship with Him.  Who would have thought that God wanted there to be passion in marriage and as proof, there are even Bible verses saying just this.

Tapping into Your Smoking Hot Mama

One of the most interesting concepts that the study teaches you is that as a wife, you need to tap into your inner Smoking Hot Mama - to seduce your husband, to not just wait for the passion to happen in your marriage, but to make it happen and forget about life's stress and even body image issues that is holding you back from having a passionate marriage. (I'm serious!  Crazy, right?)

If you need more proof of this, then I challenge you to read the Song of Solomon.  Don't just read it, but study it and really look into what the verses truly mean.  Here is a hint:  The Bride in the the Song of Solomon is the true meaning of Smoking Hot Mama.  It is truly the ultimate love story.

10 Weeks Later

Completing the 10 week Bible study was life changing.  It reconnected my relationship with God and my marriage grew stronger.  Was it easy?  No.  It opened up a lot of past issues. Was it worth it?  YES.  Knowing that you can have a more passionate and even closer relationship with your husband is worth it.  I recommend this study to any woman who wants more out your marriage - and yes, a more passionate marriage.

I do want to put a disclaimer here though, tapping into your Smoking Hot Mama may result in another life changing experience - namely becoming pregnant.  Out of the ten ladies that were in the online study, two become pregnant during the 10 weeks.  (Yes, one was me.)

If you or even someone would like to join the next online Bible study or even have this as part of your church Women's Group, I encourage you to go to Authentic Intimacy's Online Bible Study and find out more about such an amazing opportunity that will change your marriage and relationship with God forever.

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