Starting Over

So what do we do? Anything. Something. So long as we just don't sit there. If we screw it up, start over. Try something else. If we wait until we've satisfied all the uncertainties, it may be too late. - Lee Iacocca

I have a confession - over the past few weeks, I've let my eating habits and exercise fall by the wayside.   I've let STRESS control me, my eating habits, my emotional well being, loads of self doubt and my attitude towards everything in my life.  Isn't it amazing - well, really isn't is CRAZY - how we can let a bad day or a bad turn of events create this domino effect that makes everything that you have worked to build up, such as your eating habits and exercise routine come to a sudden stop.

But no more.

This time I'm starting over for good.  I'm making this proclamation for everyone (well, at least everyone who reads this blog) that I am going to make this time work.  

I am taking those baby steps now to work on my eating habits and working on the diet that fits me.  I am slowing coming to the understanding that the diet that may work for one person may not be one that works for me.  I am also slowing coming to the understanding that the "diet" that does work for me may not even have a title - such as Paleo, SCD or GAPS.  It may be a mixture of many different ways of eating. Heck, I may even call it the "ME" way of eating.  (Let's face it - calling it PaleoSCDGAPS is just an odd name anyway.)

I am also taking those baby steps to taking care of my emotional well being and self doubt issues.

Self doubt is something that everyone has from time to time - but this time, I refuse to let it kill my dreams anymore.  I have my goals written down, my meal plan set for this week and my exercise schedule written down on my calendar.  

Will it be easy - HECK NO - no one ever said life will be easy.  I refuse to let my health problems run my life.  This is my life and it will not be run by issues with the names of IBS or Hashimoto's.  I know that it will be a struggle - and maybe more so than say how things were for me before my illnesses took control of my life.  

Getting Back on Track

Tomorrow, September 16, 2013, will be the start of a new me.  

Are you ready to start over too?  I would love to have you join me in my Starting Over group.  What are you waiting for?  

Until next time.....


  1. Right there with you. I am determined to get this SCD/paleo thing under control. I have decided to track with My Fitness Pal to see what I am eating and how it is affecting me. My biggest hurdle is poor planning. I get too busy and then just have to eat SOMETHING....and choose the wrong thing...start over every morning and do better. :-)

    1. Oh I hear ya on that. Planning is key and having time to plan is one of the big issues for me.

  2. I'm there too. My hurdle is poor planning too. I get too tired so I decide to not cut up the veggies, and then in the morning I'm in a hurry and I don't have cut up veggies, so I pack other options instead. I think we're all in this together. Acknowledging it and working on it to keep getting better -- that's always my goal!

  3. I've gotten into the habit of trying not to fall "off the wagon," but once I do, you better believe I'm RIGHT on there again! ;)

  4. Failure is not an option; I learned a long time ago "there are no mistakes, only lessons".

  5. Poor planning is what happens to me the most. But listing my day out for the night before helps me tremendously.

  6. Never too late to start again! Meal planning helps so much, now if I could just sit down and DO IT!


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