Falling Off The Wagon

As you may (or may not) know that according to my last post I had just started the AI Paleo Protocol.  Things were going well as far as diet was concerned.  Then, something happened....I caved and fell off the wagon.....and now, I am paying for it dearly. 

You see, it wasn't that I had a piece of bread or even pizza.  Nope.  Do you see in the upper right hand corner of this pic....there are Rice Krispy "paint brushes".... 

That was my downfall.  I had spent 2 days of nothing but preparing foods, baking and putting together my daughter's birthday party crafts and activities with little to eat and then after the party was over WHAMO.  Total exhaustion.  With nothing prepared to eat.  And being that bad habits are so hard to break, what is the first thing I reached for - yep, good for nothing junk food.  Was it good - HECK YEAH it was - I'm not going to lie.  But was it worth it - HECK NO.

When you are dealing with IBS issues, all it takes it one bite of the wrong kind of food and you can be feeling like - well, poop for the next few days.  Then when you add on an autoimmune issue like Hashimoto's, well, then you feel like you are coming down with a cold because you ate something that you weren't supposed too.  Then, you add on to the fact that you had something sweet and sugary and that creates havoc in your intestines, which causes the bad bacteria in your small intestines to go crazy, which, in turn, makes you feel like - well poop for the next few days.

But, I have learned my lesson.  I've come to realize the hard cold truth that if I continue to do this over and over, I will not get better and will continue to feel like poop until I get my eating under control.

I also realize that I'm not the only one that this has happened to so I can't be myself up about it too much.  I've got to just pick myself up, dust off the dirt and put one foot in front of the other. 

I will fight this war that my body is raging and I will win. 

What struggles are you dealing with?  Food? Health issues?  I am here to vent to and to tell you that you are not alone.

Until next time...


  1. It happens girl :) I'm the exact same way if I don't have something prepared. I'm really surprised you didn't eat half the table! I would have! haha.

  2. You know I can relate to your pain!! I have reached for a slice of pizza in the past knowing full well that I would pay....and ate it anyway. Paid dearly indeed. It is SO tough to resist when I am tired and hungry and it is right there. You are so right....let the smoke (or "fumes" LOL) clear and start again. XOXO

  3. Stand back up, focus on the goal and KEEP GOING! Patience not perfection :)

  4. I can relate :( Been there, done that! :( It is hard to resist! Keep going and focus on what is going RIGHT and you'll be okay!!!

  5. Get back on, baby! :) You got this!

  6. I have the same kind of food issues and also deal with IBS. It's very hard to resist and say no to all the temptations 100% of the time! I need an accountability partner if you want to pair up! I hope you feel better and are able to conquer the cravings fast!


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