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What can I say about myself?  Well, I am a semi-crunchy, stay at home, homeschooling, homesteading, trying to stay sane (if that is possible) mom.  My story is like many others - get pregnant, can't lose the baby weight and no matter what you do, you still feel worn down.  You see, my story has been 5 years in the making.  I've gone from happy, healthy, and in shape, to 2 pregnancies later, no longer healthy or in shape.

Enter Beachbody

There once was a time where I could life weights at the gym as much as some of the men were lifting. I was even considering entering into a body building competition.   Sounds crazy, right?) to being just a former shell of her old self.  However, life started to get in the way and I was no longer able to go to the gym on a consistent basis, so I purchased P90X and was able to continue my workouts, add on muscle and even had more energy than ever before.

The Beginning

After the birth of my daughter, no matter what I did, I couldn't lose the weight.  Now, 17 years ago after my first daughter was born, I actually went from being hyperthyroid to hypothyroid (something that they say is common after having a child) so I was aware that it would take me a little more time and effort to lose the weight than normal.

The Beginning of a Coach

Since the weight wasn't coming off as easily as I had hoped, I decided to up my training and enter into a mud race.  I started out doing the Couch to 5K Program since the mud run was 5K in length and reverted back to my beloved P90X to strength train. All the while, I never really felt the energy I had in year's past, but I chalked it up to me training so much, taking care of a 1 year old, being a wife and working outside of the home in a stressful job.

However, during this time, I found something in myself that I never thought of becoming - a Beachbody Coach - and let me tell you, it was one of the best things that I could have ever done.  I had no friends, no one that I could talk to about the struggle of not losing weight.  But when I signed up as a Coach, I found a renewed passion for nutrition and fitness, but most of all, I found other women who were going through the same struggle to lose weight.  It was (and is) comforting to know that my Beachbody family has been my rock in pushing me to continue my journey.

Race Day

After training for almost 5 months, I did the mud run in 95 degree heat with some of the highest humidity I've ever felt (well, it seemed like it at the time and I'm from Florida so I know all about humidity).  It was tough, I won't lie.  But I did it.  I felt accomplished - like I can do anything now because I conquered this goal.

Little did I know that the stress of the run, the heat, and maybe even a little dehydration would cause my body to react in a way that would eventually start my health's downward spiral.  To this day I'm not sure if this caused the chain reaction of my health getting worse or if it was happening and was just waiting on that little "push" to send it overboard before it started rearing its ugly head.

The Aftermath

Soon after the mud run, I got sick, kind of like the flu - nauseated, stomach hurting, bloating, no appetite and no energy.  All of which kind of shot down any chance of working out and keeping up with my running schedule.

I can't tell you how many doctors I saw, how many books I read, and how many hours I researched into what could possibly be going on.  I finally came across some information on natropathic doctors and using supplements and modern medicine to heal the gut.  So I gave it a try.  After seeing 3 natropathic doctors, I finally found one who I felt was "the one" to help me.  We did a series of blood work and even stool tests to figure out what was going on. You can read more on this here and here.

My results were astounding.  I had a parasite (which may or may not have been from the mud run or even just walking barefoot in the dirt at home), my thyroid hormones were out of whack and I had a stomach infection - h. pylori to be exact.

So fast-forward 3 years later, I am healed of my parasite, my gut is still healing and my thyroid numbers are getting under control.

A New Chapter In Life

This past year, we were blessed with a little surprise - a daughter, who is just now 2 months old, and I see the way that my body may not have reacted the way I wanted it to during this pregnancy.  I have about 40 pounds from this pregnancy to lose, plus at least another 20 from my pregnancy 4 years ago.  I see how it will take a lot more work to get this weight off, and quite frankly, it scares me that I may never get this weight off.

Those Dreaded Mirrors

My grand idea of going clothes shopping was an utter failure.  For the first time in over a year, I saw myself in the dressing room under those hideous lights and that oh so evil mirror.  What self esteem I had was now null and void.  I was ashamed, embarrassed and angry with myself at how my body looked.  Needless to say, I walked right out of that dressing room, into the truck where my husband was waiting on me, and started to cry.

My New Journey

It is a harsh reality when I know the hardships I will face in trying to lose this weight and being healthy once again - like I was over 5 years ago.  I know it will be a struggle in and of itself just trying to get my health back from having a child.  I know that those 40 plus pounds will be a struggle to lose.  But I will do it.  I know that there will be days that I will not want to workout.  I know there will be days when all I will want to do is cry from not being able to button a size smaller pair of jeans.  But I refuse to let this get me down.  I will persevere and I will be that person who was happy with her body and healthy once again.

I know there are others out there who struggle like me and my piece of advice to you:

Don't be afraid to talk to someone too.  Trust me, I can't tell you how many times I've emailed my natropathic doctor on how crappy I was feeling or how many times I've broke down in her office crying.  Heck, you can talk to me.  I'm here for you.  I know what you are going through.

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