Health Benefits of Apples

Today marks the first day as a blogger that I am participating in something that is not only interesting, but will (hopefully) help me to grow as a writer and blogger.

Today is day 1 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge where bloggers from all over the world will write write a post based upon a new letter of the alphabet daily, starting at A.

A is for Apples.

So for today's topic, I chose to discuss the health benefits of apples.  Now you may know some of the important health benefits of eating an apple, such as the old wives' tale of keeping the doctor away, healthy snack and is relatively a good source of fiber (provided you keep eat the peel).  But why?

Why do apples keep the doctor away?  

Of course the old wives' tale of an apple a day keeps the doctor away is, in fact, great advice to follow.  Apples, particularly, red apples, contain an antioxidant called quercetin.  Quercetin is helpful to boost your immune system and provide support to your immune system when you are stressed or sick.  So yes, technically, an apple a day will keep the doctor away in that it will help your immune system fight off colds, infections, etc. and keep you healthy so you stay out of the doctor's office.

Why are apples a healthy snack (other than the obvious)?  

Apples are a great snack to help ward off the feeling of needing something sweet.  Of course, there are some varieties of apples that are sweeter than others (thus having a higher sugar content), but there are some varieties, like green apples, that are not as sweet as others.

By eating a healthy snack, like an apple, help to keep you from attacking the bowl of candy at work or picking up a candy bar at the grocery store check out lane, but it will also help to keep your blood sugar steady which can also help to keep your energy levels in check and not have that mid-day slump some of us tend to have.

Not only do they help to curb your sweet tooth, but they are actually good for helping to keep your teeth cleaner by helping your mouth produce saliva, which helps to "wash away" all the bad bacteria in your mouth.

Why are apples a good source of fiber?

Apples, on average, have around 4.4 grams of fiber per medium size apple.  While this may not seem like a lot of fiber, given that it is recommended that women get 28 grams and men get 35 grams of fiber a day, it is a healthier alternative to eating junk food and getting no fiber but all sugar.

Helping to get your daily intake of fiber will help with digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhea.  Fiber also can help you lose weight by making you feel fuller for longer.

Have you had an apple today?

Apples are a great source of nutrition, relatively inexpensive and help you in many ways.  So have you had your apple today?

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  1. Apples are my preferred fruit, though I haven't had one today! I like that they are so easy to eat - no mess.

  2. I have not had an apple today! It just dawned on me that we didn't even buy them when we did our weekly grocery shopping last time. gasp! That's the first time in a while. Thank you for the reminder of all of the benefits of apples and also reminding me to buy apples next time. :)


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