Sparkly Green Earrings {A Book Review}

This post is sponsored by Family Christian, but my review of Sparkly Green Earrings is all my own!

Rarely do you come across a book for women by a woman who has been through what you are going through (or has gone through), and can make those life moments seem down right funny.  Sparkly Green Earrings chronicles the life of the author, Melanie Shankle, through motherhood, but with a funny and honest truthfulness about it - one that as a mother, you can relate to and have been through time and time again.

From the first few pages, you instantly connect with the author you on a whole new level.  It is almost like she is speaking to you as a friend - you know, like the one that you meet at a coffee shop and can sit and talk for hours - yeah, that kind of friend.  Why?  Because, if you are a mom, then you can relate to how she feels about life's moments, especially when it is centered around a child.  Melanie Shankle's story of pregnancy, child birth and child rearing are how you may have felt (or if you are going through this stage in life, then you will relate 100%).

I highly recommend this book, especially if you are looking for a book that "gets" you and how crazy, yet joy filled, motherhood may make you at times.  You can get your copy at Family Christian!

As part of my review, Family Christian is giving a $25 appreciation certificate and a copy of Sparkly Green Earrings by entering below.

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  1. I have totally wanted to read this book for quite some time. It's been on my BN wishlist so I'm glad to see it here!!

  2. Looks like a neat book. Thanks for the opportunity.


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