Sneak Peek - What is a Beachbody Coach?

We had such success and heard from so many people that they loved our Coach Open House that we will be offering this opportunity AGAIN!!! So do you want to see what I do? Do you want to see WHY I LOVE my job? Do you want to just be a fly on the wall, or ask some serious questions? This is a PRIVATE group on Facebook (you do not need to be local) that will be open for 3 days. You can ask questions, dig deep and SEE what it is we do! You will see how positive and uplifting we are. There is TOO much negativity in this world it is nice to be around others who are like minded. As coaches we love helping others, we want to lift others up and help them reach their goals! So come see what we are all about:

  •   What would I need to do?
  •   How would I make money?
  •   How would I find people?
  •   Would this be a good fit for me?
  •   You DO NOT have to be a fitness professional. We come from all walks of life: stay at home moms, business professionals, personal trainers, nurses, lawyers, engineers, teachers and more.
  •   You DO have to have a passion to help others and want better for yourself and your family.
Email me for more information No obligation, No pressure! This open house starts tomorrow!

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  1. This looks like a great way to get people interested in coaching!


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