Goals: Setting and Achieving

One of the most important steps you can take in preparation of your fitness/health journey is setting goals.  On New Year's Day you make your list of goals to lose weight, start lifting weights, eating clean, even paying off bills or saving for a vacation.  But by the end of February, those goals are a thing of the past. 

So what can you do to make sure you keep your achieve your goals?  Here are a few ideas:

1.  Set realistic goals.  When you make your goals, make sure they are realistic, and by this I mean do not make it a goal to lose 100 pounds in 6 months.  For one thing, that is not realistically possible (at least not without the use of some type of surgical procedure) and two, that is not a healthy goal.  An example of a realistic goal is "I want to lose 10 pounds by August 1st" or "I want to lose 12 inches by October 31st."  Even making "mini" goals, such as losing 2 pounds per week is good.  Put a date deadline for those goals too.  This helps with accountability (more on that topic later).

2.  Journal - Write Those Goald Down. Journaling is a very effective way to write down what you eat, what you did for your workout, what progress you are making and even what isn't working  so you can make adjustments along the way.  It also helps to keep your accountability to show that yes, you are making progress to reaching that goal.

3.  Share your goals.  Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and especially your coach what your goals are so that when you need extra support or need help in making adjustments to your workout routine or nutrition, they know what your goals are and can help you.

4.  Making a Dream Broad.  Make a Dream Board, print it out and put it where you see is daily.  This is just another way to be help accountable and for you to reminder yourself just WHY you are getting up at the crack of dawn to workout or saying no to that second helping of pasta or even why you are not going to happy hour.  (To make a Dream Board, you can go to http://www.oprah.com/spirit/O-Dream-Board-Envision-Your-Best-LifeTM)

Set your goals today.  What are you going (not wanting) to accomplish tomorrow, next week, a month, six months and even a year?  I'd love to know.

Until next time.....


  1. Love this! I'm always about setting goals. Even writing them down makes all the difference!

  2. I like this! I need to get a new journal for my new goals!! Thanks for the motivation.

  3. Great post! I need to get better about writing down my goals. I am so much more productive when I do.

  4. Great post! I have been trying to get better about writing down my goals. I am so much more productive when I do.

  5. I love it!!! I really need to step up my goal setting...I've been slacking a bit and am definitely starting to feel it. Thank you!!!


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